Hire An Escort Or Non-Sexual Premium Escort UK

Earn Per Hour 85 pounds

Hire An escort: Using a Companionship Agency for the FIRST time is not as bad as it sounds.  It is the trendy way to meet the right type of person that you know you would enjoy their company. Have you ever gone on a blind date and it’s been an absolute disaster or been out with a colleague who is a completely different person on the date. That will never happen with Prestige Companions, we only choose the best escort applicants, making sure that our clients hire the right people

The process of booking a Companion is quite simple firstly you must enroll yourself with Prestige Companions, once you have done that you will then be allowed to hire any of the Prestige Companions on this website via e-mail request. We will then contact the Companion on your behalf to see if she/he is available and negotiate a price for the given date, we then contact you back with a price, once this has been agreed your Companion is booked.

* Safety is our main concern for both parties this is why we only let people book a Prestige Companion that is registered with us and all our Companions are interviewed and screened before we recruit them and all details are kept confidential for both parties. We do urge our clients to give us feedback from their dates and we will only advertise that feedback with the client’s consent

    Recommended do’s and don’ts

    • Always meet in a busy public place Bar, Restaurant ETC
    • We recommend having some kind of passcode that only you and your Companion knows to be given at the meeting place
    • If you want your Companion to overstay your booked time, negotiate a better hourly rate (and remember your time starts when your Companion arrives

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