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There is No Sex Involve

Why do Women Hire non-sexual Male Escorts

Hire Non Sexual Male Escorts: In an age where everything costs money, an unlikely service that has become quite a rage is the male escort services. Today, women of all backgrounds and ages, from 20 to 60+, are hiring male escorts for a number of reasons. It makes you wonder why females are so open to using the services of a male companion.

There’s no sex involved

Although gentlemen escort services are sometimes expected to offer a sexual service, This is not true. There are many agencies where escorts are forbidden to offer sexual services to their clients. So, once the sex and commitment are taken out of the equation, it comes to down to casual hook-up that is akin to flirting.

It creates for an existing prospect, where innocence takes over lust, and women can relate to men in a healthy manner. It can change a woman’s perspective about dating, especially since she does not have to ward off unwanted advances and expectations.

Breaking the Norms

The way the society is molded, men can ask for sexual favors by paying for it. However, women are not expected to do the same. But the society forgets that women too have needs and would like them fulfilled. Women, who are ready to break the shackles, can also hire male escorts for sexual pleasure.

They can get their sexual needs fulfilled without worrying about commitments. In fact, many women, who hire male escorts, often claim to have their first genuine climax with these escorts. This is primarily because women do not have to conform to the rules of a relationship. They can be selfish and focus on their own pleasure rather than worrying about their partner.

Get Back into the Dating Scene

In the UK, women opt for male escort services after a breakup or divorce. It can be frightening to re-enter the dating scene after such an experience. Your confidence levels are low and the last thing you want is getting into sex just to feel good. On the contrary, rebound sex can make you feel worse.

So, if you want to get back into the dating scene without worrying about sex and romance, male escorts are the best option. You can date the male escort on your own terms and lay down the ground rules for the date. This ups your confidence level, especially if you are the cynosure of all eyes because of your companion. Other women will be envious of you when they see your handsome and sophisticated male companion, and this will make you feel good about yourself.

Boost Your Confidence Levels

Let’s face it – male escorts are handsome and usually well-read individuals. You can hold a meaningful conversation with them. However, more than that it is having the undivided attention of an attractive man that wins hands down.

You can rest assured knowing that when you go out with a male escort, you will have their entire attention. They will not be ogling at other women; they will make you feel like the most beautiful person in the room, if not the world. That can do a lot for your confidence, especially if you have just come out of a relationship.

Make an Ex-Partner Jealous

There are many women, who get dumped or have unfaithful partners. Some women use male escort services to make their ex-partners jealous by parading a handsome man, who has eyes only for them. This is another type of reaffirmation where the woman is sending out a message to her former partner. The message is simple – there are many other better-looking men who are interested in me even if you are not.

There are so many reasons why women opt for male escort services. It differs from woman to woman. However, in nearly all the situations, it is about a woman feeling good about themselves. There is no right or wrong reason, as the modern woman does not need one to hire the services of male escorts

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