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Is Prestige-companions a genuine non-sexual escort agency?

YES. We offer a safe escort service for men and women who are looking for companionship for various events and functions.

How can I view your escorts?

We have a profile of every escort on the member’s Page

What kind of people uses your service?

Our escort service is used by clients who require a partner to accompany them to events such as dinner, a wedding, a party, the theatre, the opera, sporting event, business function or holidays, We are seeking a respectable people with good people skills and personality is key to success.

How much does it cost to hire a companion from Prestige-Companions?

The rate per hour is £85 per hour and the minimum you can book is two hours.

How do I pay?

You pay cash upfront to the escort when you meet them.

Do I have to pay for my Escorts travel time?

No, the booking starts when you meet the Escort.

How far are our escorts prepared to travel?

An additional charge of £1.15 per mile if after 10 miles from there pick up the place.

Are there any age restrictions for clients?

The minimum age to book one of our escorts is 18 years old. We do not have a maximum age limit – you are never too old!

Can I speak to my chosen escort before we meet?

As their agent, we will work as the middleman and collect as much information from you as possible to brief them. However, once a booking has been confirmed we will pass details on to both parties in case they wish to discuss anything.

Will the escort know my full name, address and contacts numbers?

NO, he will know only the name/alias that you have provided for us.

Do your escorts offer any sexual services or extras?

NO, We pride ourself in being a none sexual agency. If you contact us asking for any type of sexual services you will be deleted from our database.

Can I use the same companion again?

Yes, Yes indeed.

Can I book companions for corporate events?

Yes, we do lots of company and corporate events.

Are your services private?

Prestige companions are strictly confidential and discretion is our policy. All of our client and Escorts details are kept private and never passed to a third party. however, we require proof of your full name and address, a valid email address and valid phone number. Also, a recent picture so that our escort can identify you. We expect the same of our escorts and this is to ensure safety.

Is it Safe to hire a companion?

It is very safe to hire a companion as most meetings are held in public places. All of our Clients and Escort have filled in an application as well as provided proof of details such as name and address to ensure that all details are correct as safety is our paramount.

How much notice do I need to give to arrange a booking?

We will always do our best to fulfill any requirements. However, we do recommend giving at least 48 hours notice to avoid disappointment and making sure the companion of your choice is available.

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